Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Natural Hayfever Remedy

A Natural Hayfever Remedy

The time of year when those of you who are unfortunate enough to suffer from this malady are exposed to pollen is upon us. As such, I shall share my procedure for treating this illness.

Take a bowl of distilled water and place it outside, in the environment where the pollen source is. This could be in your garden, or in a local forest, or even the edge of a farmer's field (assuming he grants you permission).

The Distilled Water in the Environment

This is left for a timespan of 48 hours. Collect the bowl and the next step is dilution (the current mix is extremely unstable and dangerous and should be used without potentization under absolutely no circumstances).

I take 3 drops and potentisize it sequentially into 500ml jars. The number of repetitions depends upon the individual, body size, lifestyle and severity of symptoms but is usually between 5C and 10C.

Preparing for Dilution

With the elimination of hayfever symptoms, you are free to enjoy a sneeze-free summer!

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