Thursday, 22 May 2014

Eliminating Spirits

Eliminating Spirits

This is a task which befalls me very rarely, fortunately. Still, when the need arises, it is good to have a technique to deal with the challenge.

It is my view that the world is now populated with more people than have ever lived before. Add into the mix the number of animals and other living beings on the planet at this moment and multiply it across the years of history, you come to a staggeringly large number of beings which have lived and died.

It therefore goes without saying that the world is becoming increasingly full of spirits. Some of these are good, others indifferent and a minority cause problems. Be it a disgruntled fox, a jealous dog or the serf condemned to a life of misery on a Feudal estate seeking revenge in the afterworld, angry spirits can undoubtedly crause great distress for the living.

My wife hails from Siberia where an ancient tradition has long been proven to rid people and places of unwanted spirits. I shall hereby share the remedy with you.

Yakutsk - my wife's town

Take a healthy, live domestic cat and remove a few pinches of fur from one front leg. Rather than pulling this out, I would recommend the use of sharp scissors. Place this into a small jar, along with 5 or 6 drops of turpentine. (As an aside, in Siberia they use the extract from a local tree which contains similar properties to turpentine; this being unavailable in the UK, I elected to use turpentine and can vouch for its substitutability).

Put the jar in a safe place, far from any flammable materials. The inside of a fireplace, or even a kitchen sink will do. Drop a match into the mix and stand by while it burns. This will take a few minutes.

Preparation in a safe place for burning

No, the smell is not particuarly nice but it does a good job of driving the spirits away. I don't know why this works, perhaps the spirits can't stand the smell, perhaps there is more to it. I am not qualified to say; all I know is on the occasions when it has been neccesary, this method has never failed me.

Peace,Love&Respect. Darryl.xx

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