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Chronic Fatigue/ME Remedy

Chronic Fatigue/ME Remedy

Up there amongst the most common ailments I see in the clinic (and I see these almost every day) are chronic fatigue disorders. I believe that this constitutes a whole family of related illnesses and they become manifest in differing ways between people.

This is a prime example of where modern medicine fails its patients. Most of those who come to me to seek help with these problems are turned away by their family doctor, told the illness does not exist or that their symptoms are indicatie of some other illness, such as depression. I don't doubt for one moment the very real existence of this cluster of conditions and I have seen huge improvements in almost all of my patients, confirming my opinions of both cause and cure.

I don't know whether the following happens to you often or not. All I can say is, those of us who have been in this game for long enough tend to develop a heightened sense of intuition. I suppose this goes with the territory to a certain extent: without intuition you can not really practice homeopathy or any other kind of healing.

Anyway, I digress. Early on in my career I would see a great deal of patients complaning of Chronic Fatigue-type symptoms, each of them different.

One cluster of patients, complaining of tiredness and difficulty getting out of bad of a morning proved very difficult to treat. The standard thing I used up until then was Calcarea Phosphorica, however, try as I might I couldn't do much for these patients.

Then one day a glint of intuition occurred to me. I had been thinking of the energy-giving and -taking properties of mangets, and the iron content of the blood – two interconnected phenomena. I considered: if iron particles could be magnetized just enough and their vital energy transferred to the patient, this might just do the trick

There followed a period of experimentation after which both I and the patients became convinved this was phenomenally succesful.

I outline the process as I have developed it here.

Take an iron rod and magnetize it by stroking a magnet against it. Here I am using a magnetic screwdriver, it doesn't really matter what you use. The number of strokes neccesary to achieve the correct balance varies, depending on the properties of the iron, and your magnet. I can usually feel in the tips of my fingers that hold the rod when it is ready. You want to get to the stage where you can sense the magnetism as a slight tingling/tickling sensation, but I mean slight.

Magnetization of Rod

Then, using a piece of sandpaper, sand the rod to produce Iron finings. You only need a pinch of these. Now we are ready for Potentisation... For most of my patients, this is done at 7C or 8C, with very little variation.

A small pile of filings

Discovering this remedy was one of those 'Eureka' moments for me, and I would like to share it with you. Iff you decide to try it, proceed with caution; as you well know, magnets can have considerable effects on the body, especially when the exposure is prolonged.

Peace,Love,Respect. Darryl.xx

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